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google wallet

Google Wallet has its own notifications

This news item isn't exactly one of the more dramatic ones. It's only the most recent upgrade to Google Wallet, though. A recent report claims that the Google Wallet app
best ai apps for Android

Best AI Apps for Android Users in 2023

Every morning when you wake up, you drink your freshly brewed espresso while using the newest mobile applications. Every day that goes by, the market for Android and iOS applications
smart lights hue bulbs

4 apps you need to try if you use hue bulbs

Because they are capable of far more than just turning on and off, smart bulbs are intelligent. You can create schedules to deter would-be burglars while you're on vacation, dim
230705165129 02 meta threads app

Threads app, goodbye privacy

Think again if you believed that your data on Threads is private. All of the methods that Threads is following you and using your data are listed in the App